Meet Rox Bosmans

05 Jul 2022

Every two months we introduce you to someone connected with the orchestra, whether on stage or behind the scenes. Today we’re talking to Rox Bosmans (Roxas backline).


How long have you been part of BJO?

Since September 2020, during the pandemic. In that period, the orchestra gradually started working again: they did not play for a live audience but organised several streaming activities. Through other projects I was connected to, I already knew some of the BJO musicians. 


What do you do for the orchestra?
I am a backliner. That means an average concert day looks like this: when we arrive at the venue with the van, I first study the location. How does the orchestra fit on the stage? Where are the dressing rooms? Where will the supper take place? When I have that info, I start to unload all the orchestra furniture, instruments and accessories and build the stage. I assemble the drums and install the amplifiers for the string instruments and then I make sure that musicians who are filling in, quickly find their costumes and that everything in the backstage area runs smoothly. After the concert, everything is cleared away and loaded again. So it's my job to make sure the musicians can perform in comfort. 


Why did you choose this role?

I've been doing this job since I was in school: when I came home after class, I would throw my backpack in the hall and leave to go to some stage. It soon became clear that my passion was to assist artists on and off stage. I want them to drag with stuff as little as possible, and then be able to make music on stage without stress.


What do you do besides playing in the orchestra?

I offer my services to many other artists on stage, such as Belle Perez, Raf Van Brussel, Geena Lisa, Christoff, Regi Live and so on. 
With my company Roxas Backline I also rent out musical instruments to cultural centres, festivals, concert halls, etc., mostly for international artists. 


"It soon became clear that my passion was to assist artists on and off stage."

- Rox Bosmans.


Which project are you looking forward to the most and why?

To be honest, I look forward to every new project. It's always a new challenge and surprise, with new guest artists every time. Very cool.


What's your favourite BJO memory?

The moment the BJO engaged me to work for them!


Where does your love of jazz come from?

Well, I would rather call it a love-hate relationship. I'm a bass player and session musician myself, and I like temporary replacements, but I could never play in a jazz band. That seems too complex to me.
I can really enjoy the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, which manages to make each project a delightful and enjoyable spectacle. That's impressive.


What was the last CD/Spotify track/radio hit you listened to?

I love looking up an American country station online, because the atmosphere of the music and lyrics are so poetic, and it makes me daydream. 


Who would you like to invite to play a production with BJO and why?

I would like to see my own wife (singer) Veva van Overveld with the BJO, with her beloved Norah Jones style of music. Yes, I would love that!