Meet Pierre Drevet

15 Mar 2022

Every two months we introduce you to someone connected with the orchestra, whether on stage or behind the scenes. Today we’re talking to Pierre Drevet (trumpet).


How long have you been part of BJO?

That story started a long time ago... It was Serge Plume who contacted me in 2001 for a replacement with the BJO in Dublin, then with Maria Schneider. At the end of the concert, Frank (Vaganée) and Serge asked me if I wanted to stay. Of course I said "Yes!". That was 21 years ago.


What do you do/play in the orchestra?

I play third trumpet in this beautiful section, together with Serge Plume (lead), Nico Schepers (second trumpet) and Jeroen Van Malderen (fourth trumpet).


Why did you choose this role/this instrument?

Actually, I started my musical career in the brass band, where I started at the age of 10. That was close to Lyon, in the village where I come from. In those days you didn't really choose your instrument yourself. You were assigned a place in one of the sections where they were short of musicians. I was handed a trumpet and that's how it started!


What do you do besides playing in the orchestra?

I am currently retired, but I taught for 40 years at the Chambéry Conservatoire. I am also part of the French Colleftif Lilananda, a jazz quintet for which I write music. For them, I wrote the arrangements for a collaboration with a string quintet, on the music of C. Jobim, among others. On top of that, I write arrangements for other formations, such as Multiquarium Big Band and a project around Charles Aznavour. Finally, I give many master classes in various conservatoires. When I'm not busy with music, I'm busy chopping wood!


Which project are you looking forward to the most and why?

I'm very curious about the project around Toots' 100th birthday.


"Herbie Hancock has meant a lot to me, even though he doesn't really belong to the big band scene. Those compositions, the harmony and his genius for improvisation... I would love to invite him for a project with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra." - Pierre Drevet


What's your favourite BJO memory?

There are so many... Of course the project with Maria Schneider, but also those with Bert Joris, Michel Herr and Enrico Pieranunzi. Great music!


Where does your love of jazz come from?

It was my first music teacher, Mr. Joly, who made me discover the music of Bach. When I was between 10 and 16 years old, I listened to it with my friend J. Luc Sazio. One day I got my hands on my first jazz record: 'Moanin'' by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. From then on it was all about jazz.


What was the last CD/Spotify track/radio hit you listened to?

I don't listen to jazz that much, but rather to classical composers like Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. I like to study their music. Today I have arrived at H. Dutilleux, in the spirit of Ravel and his symphonies. I have taken out the scores and am studying them in detail. On the radio, I like to hear scientists talk, like E. Klein or A. Barrau, to try and be a bit less 'stupid' (laughs).


Who would you like to invite to play a production with BJO and why?

I choose a musician who doesn't necessarily belongs to the big band scene, but who has meant a lot to me: both in his compositions and his harmony, his genius for improvisation and groove. A small project with all BJO arrangers and Herbie Hancock... Why not?