Symphonic Jazz Concert

Film Fest Gent celebrates 100 years of jazz with the Symphonic Jazz Concert, which will focus on the incredible influence of jazz music on the art of film scoring from the past and the present. In a unique collaboration, Brussels Jazz Orchestra and Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Dirk Brossé, will perform compelling classical and contemporary jazz scores.

Jazz and cinema have always had an excellent relationship and successful collaborations. The best symphonic jazz soundtracks of the past century will be featured during the show, accompanied by film excerpts on the big screen. We look back at the thrilling scores and tunes from legendary jazz scores of the past.

Artistic director Frank Vaganée is looking forward to the collaboration: "It is definitely an artistic challenge for Brussels Jazz Orchestra to perform some of these beautiful musical pieces from a rich musical repertoire with Brussels Philharmonic. We are delighted about this partnership because it has proven very fruitful and succesful in the past, certainly if we think back to our collaboration for the Oscar winning film The Artist. For many musicians in the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, the orchestral approach of film music in films and series in the 60s and 70s was a first introduction to big band music and this particular type of orchestra. Because of this, many chose to devote themselves to symphonic jazz."

On this special occasion, Brussels Philharmonic & Brussels Jazz Orchestra join forces for an extraordinary concert conducted by Dirk Brossé performing tunes from classics such as The Pink Panther, The Man with the Golden Arm, Who framed Roger Rabbit?, Bullitt, Chinatown, James Bond, La La Land and many more. All movie clips will be depicted on big screen to create an overall experience.

Brussels Philharmonic, Dirk Brossé

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