Fire Up That Big Band!

Fire Up That Big Band!

On Sunday, January 23 2022, Brussels Jazz Orchestra shares its experience and knowhow again with the homegrown big band community. Three big bands will be coached by three BJO musicians during a whole day. Orchestras and musicians who fire up a big band, that's our goal.

Fire Up That Big Band! is all about inspiration, fascination and exchange. A team of 3 BJO-musicians welcomes 3 different big bands, who will be alternately coached by each of them throughout the day.

Every participating orchestra chooses three works for which they wish coaching. Preferably, these are songs that the band rehearsed before. The BJO coaches take care of one of these compositions for each orchestra. During three rehearsal sessions, they'll work on the compositions in a rotation sytem. This way, every big band will get to meet the three BJO musicians. The coaches conduct, give feedback and provide an insight in the working process of a professional. Their input offers the finishing touch for the repertoire of each orchestra, ideal to take advantage of for an upcoming concert.

During lunch, there's time for the musicians and the participating big bands to exchange thoughts. At the end of the day, the three orchestras perform their repertoire during a concert, led by the coaches.


Sunday 23 January 2022 at De Kampanje, Steenhuffel.


11am-1pm: rehearsals

1pm-2-pm: lunch break

2pm-4pm: rehearsals

5pm: concert (open to the public)


Participation per orchestra: 550 euros (excluding VAT)

Sandwiches can be ordered in advance. Drinks are available on site.

Do you want to participate? Register before 15 November 2021 using this form.