Refugee New Year's Concert

The first time they were on stage together was on World Refugee Day in June 2016: five musicians with Syrian roots and sixteen musicians from the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. The concert was a hit and whetted our appetite for more.

This unique new year’s concert shows that jazz and oriental music go together wonderfully. The oriental compositions, arranged for large jazz orchestra, sound surprising and yet familiar. Expect good vibes and lots of groove, exciting rhythms and melancholy melodies. Moreover, this concert makes a statement: collaboration across cultural boundaries leads to beautiful creations and a fruitful fusion. The Syrian musicians fled their country from the war, but they took their talent along, that’s for sure.

Thanks to Morgenland Festival and NDR Bigband.

Ibrahim Kevo
Singer and lute player from Al Hassakeh (Syria), lives in Lemgo (Germany).

Mohamad Fityan
Plays ney, comes from Aleppo (Syria) and lives in Berlin (Germany).

Tarek Alsayed Yahya
Plays oud, comes from Aleppo (Syria) and lives in Antwerp since 2013.

Modar Salameh
Percussionist from Damascus (Syria), lives in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Youssef Nasif
Qanunplayer from Damascus (Syria), lives in Bremen (Germany).

Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Tarek Alsayed Yahya, Modar Salameh, Mohamad Fityan, Youssef Nassif, Ibrahim Keivo

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