BJO's Finest

The best of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra – that’s what this new album marking the BJO’s 20th anniversary is all about. The album contains exclusively works composed or arranged by some of its members. Instead of a guest soloist or vocalist on stage, this album is all ‘in-house’ music: pure jazz, written and arranged by and for members of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. BJO’s Finest-Live! could be described as ‘of the BJO, for the BJO, by the BJO’. And that means inspired and enthusiastic ensemble playing, since no one knows better what the orchestra can do than the orchestra’s musicians themselves!

Some of the orchestra’s musicians composed, while others made arrangements of these compositions. ‘Neige’, composed by Nathalie Loriers, was arranged by Lode Mertens, and in turn Mertens’ piece ‘Bells & Brass’ has been arranged by Frank Vaganée. Pierre Drevet, who did most of the composing and arranging, calls it a fair exchange. ‘Certainly,’ he says with pride, ‘it’s the dream of many arrangers (all over the planet!) to write for this orchestra.’

BJO’s Finest-Live! was recorded live by Klara Radio in November 2012.

By the CD

Hoppin' Around - BJO's Finest

Bells & Brass - BJO's Finest

Cafésieste - BJO's Finest