BREL with David Linx

Brel and Brussels Jazz Orchestra – that’s a captivating combination. Add the internationally renowned vocalist David Linx to the mix and you have a five-star musical project.

Brussels-based BJO and born-in-Brussels David Linx present the music of Jacques Brel from Brussels – it doesn’t get more Brussels than this. BJO musicians Frank Vaganée, Dieter Limbourg, Lode Mertens, Gyuri Spies, Nathalie Loriers and Pierre Drevet have arranged chansons by Jacques Brel for large jazz orchestra and David Linx. Brel classics like La chanson des vieux amants, Bruxelles, Le plat pays, La valse à mille temps and others, as if they were pure jazz standards: du jamais vu!

The idea for a Brel project comes from Brussels Jazz Orchestra. The BJO had already done two successful productions with David Linx, a Belgian living in Paris and one of the greatest jazz vocalists of the moment. It was obvious that they should work with him again. Linx had recorded a song by Brel, and had recently toured with music by Claude Nougaro, a French chanson singer whose style borders on jazz. It’s completely natural for him to sing and swing in French. Two of the songs however will be performed in English: David sings the English version of Amsterdam by David Bowie and an English translation of Isabelle.

Linx: “The Brel songs are very close to my heart. Almost all of my favourites were chosen for this project. What makes it even more enjoyable for me is that Brel sings so often about the two cities where I’ve lived in the past (Brussels and Amsterdam) or the one I live in now (Paris).”

In June 2017, the album BREL was announced a winner at the Netherlands’ 2017 Edison Jazz/World Awards, in the “Jazz Vocal” category.

Pierre Drevet: La chanson des vieux amants, Mathilde
Dieter Limbourg: Le plat pays, Amsterdam/Vesoul
Lode Mertens: Quand on n’a que l’amour, La valse à mille temps
Gyuri Spies: Ces gens-là, Isabelle
Frank Vaganée: La ville s’endormait, Bruxelles
Nathalie Loriers: Ne me quitte pas

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BREL - Live première in Flagey 2016

Bruxelles - radio edit

David Linx, Brussels Jazz Orchestra

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