Cinnamon Fingers

Writer Stefan Hertmans’ twelfth book of poetry, entitled Kaneelvingers (Cinnamon fingers), was published in 2005. Fingers and hands play an essential part in this tight-knit collection of poems. Fingers and hands also play an essential part in a jazz orchestra; after all, music can only come alive by the grace of skilful hands and virtuoso fingers. Stefan Hertmans will present several of his poems, set to music by his brother Peter Hertmans, arranged for BJO by Bert Joris.

Sometimes the music supports the text, and sometimes it’s the other way round. Words and jazz inspire each other, and now and then they merge. Peter himself will play the guitar solos and Fay Claassen will sing several songs and vocalises. The result is a lyrical fusion of jazz, poetry, text and song.

Stefan Hertmans (1951) is the author of an extensive oeuvre comprising novels, stories, essays, stage plays and primarily poetry. His most recent novel Oorlog en Terpentijn (War and Turpentine) received the AKO Literature Award (2014) and has been an international bestseller as well. In March 2016 the book won the ‘Inktaap’ (‘ink monkey’), the youth book award of the Dutch-speaking world.

Peter Hertmans (1960) is the writer’s younger brother. Peter is a jazz guitarist, composer and arranger, and a fixture on the Belgian jazz scene. He has played in numerous ensembles with artists such as Dré Pallemaerts, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Philippe Aerts, Erwin Vann and many more. His latest CD Dedication was released in 2015 (W.E.R.F.).

Text and speaker: Stefan Hertmans

Compositions and guitar solos: Peter Hertmans

Voice: Fay Claassen

Arrangements: Bert Joris

Orchestra: Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Frank Vaganée, conductor

Stefan Hertmans