Bring it to the people


Bring it to the people

Director Guy Fellemans followed Brussels Jazz Orchestra closely for three years and created a unique portrait of the orchestra with the documentary Bring it to the People (2020).

On 17 January 2023, you can watch this documentary at De Roma (Antwerp, B). On 19 January 2023, two days after the screening of the docu, Brussels Jazz Orchestra will be present at the venue live, for a Night 325 concert with Osama Abdulrasol and Jahida Wehbe.

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30 years ago, the idea was born for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, which is now internationally recognised as a top-level orchestra. With internationally acclaimed projects (just think of the Oscar-winning music for The Artist), collaborations with great national and international artists such as Bert Joris, Ambrose Akinmusire and Maria Schneider, but also surprising partners such as De Frivole Framboos and DJ Grazzhoppa, the orchestra always manages to surprise, exceed expectations and appeal to new audiences. 

How does the orchestra make artistic decisions? How does the BJO achieve to seamlessly play together? How do the musicians experience collaborations with international artists? And who bluffed their way through a BJO audition? You'll discover it all in this documentary.

Bring it to the People: the film about the Brussels Jazz Orchestra 

A film by Guy Fellemans (BE) – 2020 – 85 min 

A production of Bullitproof Cupid


Bring it to the people

De Roma, Antwerp (B)