What If

Go all out with BJO!

Brussels Jazz Orchestra invites everyone to get to work on the song What If. Do you have a golden voice? Do you possess the ultimate dance moves? Do you rap all all day long? Do you have breakdance talent? Or do you just feel like going crazy with your instrument? Download the track, unleash your creativity and send us a video. We will release a music video with all submissions in March 2023. 

The song What If appeared on the BJO album Two Places in 2021 and takes you on an amazing journey, past the orchestral sound of Brussels Jazz Orchestra, the rhymes of Zediam, the soul of singer Monique Harcum and the mixing, scratching and sampling skills of DJ Grazzhoppa. A collaboration welcomed by both hip-hop fans, soul lovers and veteran jazz cats with swingin’ hips and groovy applause. 

The Week of the Belgian Music (30 January to 5 February 2023) kicks off this new, digital participatory project. From then on, anyone can get to work on the song: from rappers and dancers to scratchers, illustrators, painters, breakdancers, musicians and slam poets. 

How? Follow these steps:

  1. Download the mp3 track of What If, in which Zediam's rap was omitted and there is space for your creation
  2. Find a location to record your video. Keep in mind the following guidelines:
    • Film horizontally (with smartphone/camera)
    • Ensure sufficient light
    • Avoid disturbing ambient noise
  3. Make a video in which the song cannot be heard, but only your own contribution. Listen to the track while playing/rapping/... so through headphones/ears
    • Exception: if you do something purely visual on the track (such as dancing), then the music may music can be heard in the video
  4. Count down on camera with the track, so that editing can be done smoothly afterwards
  5. Rap/dance/sing/play/.... as you like!

Deadline submissions
Send your entry (e.g. via a WeTransfer link) by Monday 27 February 2023 to betty@brusselsjazzorchestra.com with the subject line 'What If'. The clip with all entries will be shared on Friday 24 March 2023 on all BJO channels.

Sharing the stage with Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Each entry will be featured in the music video, but taking part in this project might also get you maybe also a stage spot alongside Brussels Jazz Orchestra! After all, Two Places will have a successor and the orchestra is still looking for new, impressive talent. 

More info
Immerse yourself in the sound of Two Places: listen to or re-listen to the album on your favourite streaming platform, watch the clips on our YouTube channel or purchase the album (CD or vinyl). 
Got any questions? Don't hesitate to ask them via betty@brusselsjazzorchestra.com