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Someday We'll All Be Free

The song Someday We'll All Be Free was released in 1973 by Donny Hathaway, who used it in an attempt to channel his mental troubles. The song was later embraced by the civil rights movement, following the version by Aretha Franklin in Spike Lee's movie Malcolm X (1992). Starting in 2018, Brussels Jazz Orchestra performed the song on international stages with the project We Have A Dream with Tutu Puoane. Today we could see a reference in the song to these unusual times of staying home, teleworking and making music from our living room.

Brussels Jazz Orchestra invited musicians to perform this song together. Musicians or singers who had always dreamed of performing with the orchestra, could seize the opportunity. Every other creative soul could 'play' with the song: scratch, paint or draw to it, make a remix or show their dance moves.

By downloading the song Someday We'll All Be Free (without solo or vocals), everyone got the chance to be creative with the track, from their homes. You can still download the song, lead sheet and lyrics through this link.

Watch the a compilation video with all the submissions below.

You can watch all the videos we've received through our YouTube channel.

Curious about the original song? Order the cd! Or listen through Spotify.