First Class Concerts

These concerts are intended to allow children in their first year of school to make acquaintance hands-on with jazz music for large orchestra. During these 90-minute adventures, groups of about 20 children explore music in four separate workshop spaces, where smaller formations of members of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra give mini-concerts. The experienced and creative teachers of Musica supervise the children in creative educational activities. This course culminates in a “real” concert with the entire BJO.

From work songs through the blues to contemporary jazz: the BJO commissioned composer Gyuri Spies to write a new work for the orchestra, dealing with many aspects of jazz and its instruments. The entire saxophone family, the particular sounds of trumpets and trombones, the rhythmicality of the bass and drums and the unique role played by the piano will be revealed. Everything in this new work revolves around the interaction between the children and musicians.

If you’re worried this music is inaccessible or too abstract, don’t be. Children look at the world with open minds. The activities are arranged in a folder to make them manageable for teachers. Guaranteed fun for all, afterwards too.

In conjunction with vzw Musica, Impulse Centre for Music and Concertgebouw Bruges. With the support of the National Lottery.

First Class Concerts - Concertgebouw Bruges 2014

The First Class concerts are a very enjoyable experience for our children – they come back to the classroom in such a good mood. They almost never hear jazz on the radio, but that’s precisely why they can listen with open minds. Children at that age don’t yet distinguish between classical and contemporary, so they’re open to all kind of musical forms and styles. — Wim Ameloot, teacher in Jabbeke