Brussels Youth Jazz Orchestra

The Brussels Youth Jazz Orchestra (BYJO) was founded in 2008 at the initiative of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra in association with Jeugd en Muziek Brussel.

Every three years, following auditions, 17 promising young jazz musicians are selected to form an exclusive jazz orchestra, the Brussels Youth Jazz Orchestra. The BYJO will build an extensive repertoire over three years under the artistic direction of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra with organisational support from Jeugd en Muziek Brussel. Twice a year an intensive week-long project will be led by a guest conductor.

A high quality will be achieved, with coaches such as Frank Vaganée, Bert Joris, Marc Godfroid, Florian Ross (D), Pierre Bertrand (Fr) and Bob Mintzer (U.S.), as well as musicians from the Brussels Jazz Orchestra accompanying rehearsals. The aim is to offer the BYJO a stepping stone in their career as musicians and of course to treat audiences to a fresh interpretation of contemporary jazz music.

From 2015 the BJO will take on the organisational management as well as the artistic leadership of the Brussels Youth Jazz Orchestra.

It is a well-run and talented young group of musicians who paint an optimistic picture for future generations of jazz musicians. I thoroughly enjoyed working with BYJO, and look forward to following the paths of all the fine players in the band. — Bob Mintzer, USA