Two Places

Two Places takes you on an amazing journey, past the orchestral sound of BJO, the rhymes of Zediam, the soul of singer Monique Harcum and the mixing, scratching and sampling skills of DJ Grazzhoppa. This production tears down musical pigeonholes and creates new places: Two Places, at once.

Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO001) - 2021 Shoppingcart

We Have A Dream

Protest songs from pop, rock, soul and jazz, in new arrangements for jazz orchestra. With Tutu Puoane (voc) and arrangements from Bert Joris, Michel Herr, Gyuri Spies, Lode Mertens and Alan Ferber.

SoulFactory Records - SFR010 - 2018Shoppingcart

Smooth Shake

Compositions by Bert Joris, with Bert Joris (trumpet)

W.E.R.F. - 144 - 2016

Two Small Bags, Ten Million Dreams

Composition Frank Vaganée, text Michael De Cock - Performers: I Solisti del Vento, Brussels Vocal Project, David Linx, Tutu Puoane, Brussels Jazz Orchestra
2016, VOF Sien - 

BJO's Finest - Live! in Auro-3D

Re-release of the 2013 album in Immersive Sound (Auro-3D technology), on Blu-Ray disc.

Saphrane - S 62616 - 2016 -


Brel chansons like you've never heard before. With David Linx, arranged by members of the orchestra.

Jazz Village - JV 570125  - 2016 -

The Music of Enrico Pieranunzi

Compositions by Enrico Pieranunzi, arranged by Bert Joris. Recorded in front of a live audience.

W.E.R.F. 125 - 2015 - cart

Wild Beauty

Compositions by Joe Lovano, arrangements by Gil Goldstein.

Half Note, 2013 - cart
Twice nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2014

BJO's Finest - Live!

Compositions and arrangements by musicians from the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

Saphrane, 2013 - cart

A Different Porgy & Another Bess

With David Linx and Maria João. Compositions by G. Gershwin.

Naïve, 2012 - cart

Institute of Higher Learning

Compositions by Kenny Werner.

Half Note Records, 2011 - cart

Guided Dream

Compositions by Dave Liebman.

Prova Records, 2011 - cart

Signs and Signatures

Compositions and arrangements by Bert Joris.

W.E.R.F., 2010 - cart

Mama Africa

With Tutu Puoane.

Saphrane, 2010 - cart

South African Music Award 2011 for Best Traditional Jazz Album

Ten Years Ago

Compositions by Richard Galliano and Astor Piazolla. Arrangements by Richard Galliano and Bert Joris.

Milan, 2008 - cart

The Music of Michel Herr

Double album. Compositions and arrangements by Michel Herr.

W.E.R.F., 2008 - cart

Changing Faces

With David Linx. Duets with Ivan Lins, Nathalie Dessay and Maria João.

O+ Music, 2007 - cart

Dangerous Liaison

Compositions and arrangements by Bert Joris. Performed by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and deFilharmonie. Recorded in front of a live audience.

Talent Records, 2006 - cart


Compositions and arrangements by Frank vaganée.

W.E.R.F., 2006 - cart

Meeting Colours

Compositions by Philip Catherine, arrangements by Bert Joris.

Dreyfus, 2005 - cart

Naked in the Cosmos

Compositions and arrangements by Kenny Werner.

Jazznpulz, 2003 - cart

The Music of Bert Joris

Double album. Compositions and arrangements by Bert Joris.

W.E.R.F., 2002 - cart

The September Sessions

The second album by the BJO, recorded at Studio Toots (VRT). Compositions by Frank Vaganée, Bert Joris, Michel Herr, and others.

W.E.R.F. 1999 - cart


The first album recorded by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

Radio 3, 1997 - out of stock


Available only in Dutch.

Diep in het woud. Verzamelde verhalen van Ovidius. Author Michael De Cock, illustrations Gerda Dendooven. Book + CD with radio play. Compositions by Frank Vaganée.


Available only in Dutch.

Vliegen tot de hemel. Het verhaal van de Minotaurus. Author Michael De Cock, illustrations Gerda Dendooven. Book + CD. Compositions by Frank Vaganée.