Le Petit Nicolas wins prizes

21 Jun 2022

At the Festival de Cinéma et de Musique de Film de La Baule (29 June to 3 July 2022), the animated film 'Le Petit Nicolas' won the award for Best Film Score. The Brussels Jazz Orchestra collaborated on the score of this award-winning film, composed by Ludovic Bource.

'Le Petit Nicolas - Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour être heureux ?' is a film by Amandine Fredon and Benjamin Massoubre. The story is based on a series of books from the 1960s by René Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé, and focuses on the adventures of young Nicolas. 'Between camaraderie, quarrels, games, mischief and punishment in abundance, Nicolas experiences a childhood full of joy and life lessons', reads the plot.

In March 2022, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra went into the studio to record parts of the film music, composed by Ludovic Bource (who previously wrote the music for the Oscar-winning film 'The Artist'). 'Le Petit Nicolas' was previously shown at Cannes during a special screening and was awarded the 'Cristal du long métrage' at the International Film Festival in Annecy (13 to 18 June 2022).

Trailer Le Petit Nicholas (2022)