Creating Together

Brussels Jazz Orchestra and artists from Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and Moldovia are celebrating 10 years of Eastern Partnership through image and music.


1. Claustrophobia (Ukraine)
Composed & arranged by Dima Bondarev
Soloists: Dima Bondarev on trumpet & Dan Bruma on guitar
2. When Almonds Blossomed (Georgia)
Composed by Giya Kancheli
Arranged by Dree Peremans
Soloists: Papuna Sharikadze on piano & Davit Melkonyan on saxophone
3. Enchanted (Belarus)
Composed by unknown
Arranged by Lode Mertens
Soloists: Vladislav Kalinovski on saxophone & Papuna Sharikadze on piano
4. Waiting for Aziza (Azerbaijan)
Composed by Vagif Mustafazadeh
Arranged by Geoffroy Fiorese
Soloists: Afgan Rasul on piano & Dima Bondarev on trumpet

5. Chisinau (Moldavia)
Composed by Dan Bruma
Arranged by Pierre Drevet
Soloists: Dan Bruma on guitar, Afgan Rasul on piano & Anastasia Lytvyniuk on piano

6. Keskatak (Armenia)
Composed & arranged by Armen Hyusnunts
Soloists: Davit Melkonyan on saxophone, Vladislav Kalinovski on saxophone

Dima Bondarev, Dan Bruma, Papuna Sharikadze, Davit Melkonyan, Vladislav Kalinovski, Afgan Rasul, Anastasia Lytvyniuk, Brussels Jazz Orchestra